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Welcome to The Order of the Red Cross, An Illuminat Cabal
The Order of the Red Cross was founded in 312 BC by the Great Roman Emperor Constantine after having a vision of an Ancient Evil soon to be unleashed on the world. The Order was founded to battle the return of the Demon hordes known to have roamed the earth at the dawn of mankind. Down the years, through hardship and betrayal, the Order of the Red Cross is now firmly rooted in the Illuminati power structure. fighting and dying to establish the "New World Order". A road laid down by the great leaders and shapers of the United States. Though twisted and evil as the Illuminati has become, it is one of the last great hopes to stave off the destruction of mankind. The Order of the Red Cross works within the dark heart of the Illuminati for the betterment of Mankind. Though tarnished by the atrocities committed by the Illuminati the Order stands for Honor and Dignity in a world of corruption and evil.

In Hoc Signo Vinces

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